What’s going on behind that smile?....

Think. Feel. YOU.

Helping Women feel incredible - in life, and in their body.


Think. Feel. YOU.

Helping Women feel INCREDIBLE... in life and in their body!


You could spend your whole life saying ‘I’ll be happy when’...
your time is now!!

I've Been there...

So many women spend years being and doing for everyone else that overtime we can end up exhausted, burnt out, hate the way we look and feel; yet- have no time or energy to do anything about it.

And the trouble with this, is that after a while we can even feel a bit lost in a true sense of who we are.

The reason we end up in this cycle is because we want to ‘give’ everyone our all, but we end up achieving the opposite, because we find ourselves running below empty with nothing left to give.

I’ve designed this program because I have not only found the solution, but have crafted it into an easy to follow guide that allows and encourages women to live, laugh and love fully, with a healthy respect for themselves and their body.

Carla Bond

My Mission


To help Women feel happy, limitless, and confident- in life and their body.


To help Women become a priority in their life, to eradicate self-doubt and educate women on how to fuel their mind, body and soul; so they can FEEL incredible and truly live their best life, but also- to create a positive impact for the generations to come.

Carla Bond

Carla Bond

Self-mastery and body confidence expert for Women.

Helping Women feel happy, limitless, and confident- in life and their body.

Carla went from being a burnt-out people pleaser who hated the way she looked and felt; to feeling completely alive, aligned and body confidant.

This transformation ignited a passion in her to want to inspire and empower other women to feel happy, limitless and confident in their life, and in their body.

Carla credits her real and raw approach to coaching as a combination of her skill sets collected through 20+ years of conversations and experience within the hairdressing industry, her masters in life coaching, and her NLP practitioner training. 

Living in beautiful sunny QLD with her husband and three children expanded Carla’s love for life, she is a social butterfly who lives fully, yet has learnt to balance that with a healthy respect for her body.  

It has become Carla’s greatest mission to help Women become a priority in their life, to eradicate self-doubt and educate women on how to fuel their mind, body and soul; so they can FEEL incredible and truly live their best life NOW, and in doing so, create a positive impact for the generations to come.

Who is this for?

This is for you if…

  • You want to feel truly alive, happy & energetic.
  • You want to eat better, move better, think better, feel better and live better.
  • You want to experience body confidence and ditch the dieting madness forever.
  • You want to stop being such a busy people pleaser, and become a priority in your life.
  • You want to break through your limiting beliefs and the not-enoughness.
  • You want to know and love yourself.
  • You want to be the example you wish to be to your children.
  • You want to elevate the relationships in your life.
  • You are ready to Think. Feel and Be the best YOU.

Who is it not for

  • People who are looking for a fad diet or quick fix.
  • People who want a blueprint to the ‘ideal body’.
  • People who aren’t prepared to do the work.

What’s going on behind that smile?....

Take the quiz ‘How’s your level of happiness and body confidence really?’

The more you embrace  your body, the more you embrace LIFE!

Does this sound like you?

✔ Do you not love yourself? – Its really hard to love yourself if you don’t know who you are. You will learn so much about yourself and take the relationship you have with yourself to a whole new level.

✔ Have you tried so many diets and nothing works? – We end the dieting madness by covering how your body works and how to make food your friend, but also the effect that other lifestyle factors such as sleep and stress have on your body.

✔ Are you ‘too busy’? – I find our body is often a reflection of what’s going on in our mind and our life. I will help you to become a priority in your life, live in alignment with your values, and believe that you are worthy of your time and attention.


The goal is to have you FEELING alive, happy, limitless, free and body confident… allowing you to live fully and be yourself authentically and completely, which is said to be one of life’s greatest accomplishments.

Think. Feel. YOU..

What’s included:


Think Feel YOU is Carla’s Signature Online Program, empowering women with everything they need to transform from a burnt-out people pleaser who doesn’t like the way they look or feel, to a woman who feels happy, limitless, and confident in life and in her body!


Each module of the program offers easy to access video coaching sessions through your members area, literally talking you through each step of the program.

Listening to the information is one thing; we all know knowledge is power, but it's your action that will get the results - so there is a downloadable workbook that allows you to immediately apply the learnings to your personal life and circumstances.


Carla strongly values connection and contribution; so when you join the Think Feel YOU program you become part of the community!

Depending on your level of membership, the program offers Live guest expert sessions, a full library of previous guest expert sessions, live Q&A and coaching sessions, lifetime support of the Facebook community, and the option for 1:1 coaching with Carla.

Think Feel YOU is 8 MODULES OF incredible and highly transformational MIND, BODY, SOUL WORK, or as Carla like's to call it - head, heart and physical work.

Module 1


Week one is about setting you up with some solid foundations for the transformations to take place. We help you become a priority in your life, breakthrough the people pleasing, give you back your power over time, and get clarity on what you want- so that you can create space to achieve your goals.

  • Alignment & Vision:
  • The wheel of life
  • For the love of clarity
  • The people pleasing effect
  • Time & Balance
  • 1%

Module 2


Body image is a massive thing that stops women from living their full potential because the relationship we have with how we look impacts so many areas of our life; this week we blow open body image, challenge it, and get a handle on the influences and messages that constantly surround us.

  • Pure Body Image:
  • Serious about body image
  • Rise up
  • Ideal body revolution
  • Socials savvy

Module 3 


So many women are surviving, not thriving; they are experiencing outer turmoil, not inner peace.

This week is like an emotions road map, it’s about understanding, about letting go, about choosing, and about pushing through - getting you from where you are to where you want to be, because what really controls the quality of our life, is meaning + emotion.

  • Emotions:
  • Judgement, Blame & Ego
  • Simply surrender
  • Fear in change
  • Consciously creating our emotions
  • The 6 emotional fundamentals

Module 4


When your health and energy is low, you can’t be the best YOU. Health is energy, and when energy is in your body and in your life, you enter a state where the mind and body function optimally. This week is optimally health based with tools that allow you to set realistic goals, that set you up to win, and that open the door to imagining how much more life you will experience when you live fully and feel amazing.

  • Movement & Lifestyle:
  • Current health zone
  • Bodies in motion
  • Habit swaps & excuse intervention
  • Own the day
  • Your tribe; proximity is power

Module 5


Work with your body not on your body.

There are many things in life we cannot control, but one thing we can control is how we choose to take care of ourselves.

This week we hang up the yo-yo dieting crown, we look at the science of our body, how to ignite our metabolism, and how to make food your friend so that we can make progress with your health & unlock your bodies full potential.

  • Food & body intelligence
  • 3 Part being
  • Why diets fail
  • Body types, set points & plateaus
  • Emotional eating & our relationship with food
  • Real life

Module 6


Achieving goals is as much a mental battle as a physical one. You need a clear compelling goal, the will power to follow through with action, and an unshakeable belief in your own ability to achieve your goals. This is where mindset matters; your mind is an incredibly powerful thing! Your mind is the place where the impossible becomes possible.

Incredible things happen this week! Change your beliefs – change your life.

  • M I N D
  • Conscious / unconscious mind
  • Self sabotage
  • Your belief systems
  • The art of giving and receiving
  • Upgrade your language and your life
  • Tame your busy mind

Module 7


Although we are incredibly fabulous, none of us are built to run nonstop.

This week we look at the role that sleep and stress have on our body, and the importance of rest and recovery.

Then we reconnect. As rushing modern women, one of the things I find that is missing as we play this game of life, is who we are beyond what we do. What I have discovered is that its really hard to love yourself if you don’t know who you are. This week, that changes.

  • Rest, Recovery & Re-Connect: 
  • The effect of sleep and stress on your body
  • Self love/ self care
  • Identity - who are you
  • Values

Module 8 


How often in life do you find yourself knowing what to do, but you somehow find yourself falling back into old ways.

This week we look at what creates lasting change; we analyse, design, plan your direction forward, and leave you with the pillars and principals of mastery that will set you up to win long after this program has finished.

  • Direction:
  • Blueprint for creating and implimenting lasting change
  • Expansion intention strategy
  • Principals and pillars of mastery

Think. Feel. YOU.


12 week access



  • The course only option is our D.I.Y option..
  • The Think. Feel. YOU. program
  • Downloadable workbook
  • Access to the Think. Feel. YOU. Private Facebook community
$297 - I want this!

Think. Feel. YOU.


12 months access



  • Everything in ‘Course only’ PLUS:
  • Live monthly group coaching calls
  • Live Guest expert sessions
  • Full library of previous Guest expert sessions
$597 - I want THIS!

Think. Feel YOU.


12 months access

  • Everything in ‘Course & Group’ PLUS:
  • 6 x 1:1 private coaching calls with Carla
  • Surprise Think Feel YOU welcome gift pack
$1197 - I want the BEST!

“Carla is an absolute legend. I came to Carla a bit broken, down and out and at a loss where to go in life.

I did the online Think. Feel. YOU course with Carla which completely changed my life, my outlook on myself, my body, my journey and that I am not a victim of any circumstance but with the right tools I can change my perspective.

I also learnt about my body and how to fuel it correctly so I can give my body what it needs.

Carla is inspirational, a wealth of knowledge and incredibly passionate.

I loved Carla’s realness, her truth and her outward positive energy!"

Imelda Holloway

Want a session with Carla before you commit?


Watch her body confidence masterclass today!

As rushing modern women 

One of the things I find thats missing as we play this game of life is

WHO WE ARE beyond what we do..

Think Feel YOU is my souls work - for women just like YOU & I.. who are ready to 'know and love' who we are, live fully and feel freaking amazing in our own skin.

What are you waiting for?