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Welcome to The RAH Women Community


An online wellbeing membership for Women in business. 

Nurturing all of YOU beyond what you do.


Welcome to The RAH Women Community 


An online wellbeing membership for women in business or leadership roles.

It is more important than ever to nurture the YOU beyond what you do.

This community is for ambitious Women who value their vitality; and want alignment and vulnerability over hustle culture and perfectionism.


Welcome to..

The RAH Women Community


THE community for Women who want an unpolished approach to living our best lives; The conversations are real, we go beyond the surface perfect, and I share the truths about what lights me the Fck up.

"What we know matters, but who we are matters more"

- Brené Brown.

My mission

Is to create a community where we empower each other through a balance of stories, guidance and grounding to keep it real, and prioritise our well-being along side our growth, families and professions.


A community for women who value wellbeing; and want the truth beyond the surface perfect. 


The REAL conversations. 

The imperfect truths. 

The genuine inspiration. 

& the space to go beyond the surface perfect. 


Sometimes as business owners and women who are in a position of leadership theres this level of expectation that we have to have ourselves together all of the time...

So often (and true for myself too) when we are focused and driven professionally, our personal vitality can slip; yet when we honour our vitality we are actually able to give more and be more in most aspects of our life. 

I'm really passionate about the imperfect truths and nurturing who we are as women, while we navigate the amazing lives we want to lead.

I absolutely want to celebrate the AMAZING stuff we all do! 100%!

But I equally want to bring awareness to the topics and conversations that society makes us feel like we should just keep to ourselves in fear of judgement or being truly seen. 

I am here to talk about life from a humble, transparent and vulnerable place, and to bring women together who inspire and empower each other to make the choice every day to live not only a truly happy life, but a life where we are encouraged to prioritise our vitality and embrace who we actually are.

Carla Bond

because they are the people who will motivate and inspire you

- Carla Bond

What's included in the membership..


  • We have a Monthly Contributor session... Where Carla delivers a live masterclass/ session/ workshop about a particular topic that is either being asked about, she's either excited about,  passionate about, or lit up about at that time.


  • We have a Monthly RAHcast... Think Podcast interview vibe, but an unpolished uncut LIVE guest Woman - sharing her insights and life with us.


  • We have Monthly - Coffee and Connection... This is a live unrecorded ZOOM, no agenda, just a big virtual coffee catch-up to connect with each other, share, ask questions and basically connect and inspire as a community! It's also a great opportunity to talk to Carla live about any relevant/ particular topic.  


  • And we have a Monthly focus on Integration! (#JFII)  I am big on alignment and integration; so during this week its all about the one thing you are going to implement or integrate that will improve your life in the direction YOU want.



Belonging to a tribe of Women who encourage you to be YOU, and to nurture ALL the parts of you.

Where it's encouraged to talk about the messy middle AND share the stuff that lights us up in the most real and authentic way possible.

In doing so we get to honour our vitality, embrace a better work life blend and connect with other real women who live a life with passion.

That kind of energy is infectious and feels refreshing and fabulous to be around!

Together we can create powerful change. 

This is for you if..


You are 

✔ Self employed

 A business owner

✔ In a position of leadership

✔ A hustler, or have a high vision for yourself


✔ Have a tendency to people please - Do you tend to put everyone and everything else first, often leaving zero time for yourself

✔ Live a busy life, rushing and trying to juggle all the things

✔ Know when you're pushing exhaustion and burnout

✔ You filling your days but can sometimes feel a little unfulfilled at the end of them


✔ You wish for a better work life balance

✔ You don't always truly FEEL as happy or as confident as you appear to be.. and does this cause a misalignment or a restlessness within you

✔ You like to 'look after yourself'; yet - It's the first thing to go when you get busy

✔ You sometimes struggle with body image or don't feel as fabulous in you body as you would like

✔ Sometime has an inner critic that tells you you're not enough or tries to keep you playing small

✔ Do you feel pressure to be a certain way & sometimes struggle with perfectionism


✔ Do you want to connect with and be inspired by other go getter, high vibe women who are willing to be vulnerable about REAL LIFE STUFF?

✔ Do you crave real conversations from actual Women, who are navigating all of the above.

✔ Do you want to push beyond societal pressures and get real about the demands and struggles (that we ALL have) in an authentic & raw, yet inspiring way? 

✔ Do you want to live an incredible ambitious life AND prioritise your wellbeing and vitality?

If any of that is a Fck YES then YOU belong here!

What does RAH stand for?



RAW. Meaning we are willing to show up vulnerably; *no BS *no surface perfect, just owning the raw truth and being all of who we are.

AMBITIOUS. We are a group of women who have a strong desires, goals and a determination to go after what we want; and have the courage to live a life that feels aligned to us as individuals.

HAPPY. The emotional state we tap into; described by having genuine feelings of joy, satisfaction, energy, confidence, and fulfilment. We are women that prioritise our well-being and are creating a life that feels so good on the inside; not just one that looks good on the outside.

The RAH Women Community


MONTHLY Membership


  • Full access to this incredible community
  • Members area - which has a growing library of all RAHcast sessions + Contributor sessions (available as an app and on any device you can log into)
  • The inclusion of a private facebook community
  • Downloadable worksheets relevant to any sessions
  • Exclusive member only discounts on future workshops or events.
I want the monthly option!

The RAH Women Community




  • Everything in the Monthly membership
  • 12 Months access to the RAH Women community
  • $85 discount on monthly price
  • Bonus masterclass recordings including.. *One from personal sytlist // Coach Caitlin Marwaha. PLUS States of being - by Naturopath Chloe Dredge // Eufloria health.
Carla Bond

Meet Carla..

Self-worth, vitality and confidence coach for Women.


The short story is..

I'm a busy working Mum juggling all the things, and because of that I completely understand the pressure of being a motivated modern woman.


I want to be a wonderful Mum to my three children! 

I've been with my husband more than half my life - and I want to keep my relationship alive.

I'm ambitious AF, and I want to have a thriving business.

I want to create a positive impact in people's lives.

I understand the importance of looking after our well-being and vitality.

And I want to do it all authentically and fabulously!


But the truth is that it can be exhausting, and I feel it is so important to have a tribe that not only keeps us going & motivated, but who are also willing to be real.


As I grew in my own journey as a Woman, a Mum, a business owner I recognised two things - my constant battle with finding a balanced work life blend / or more so my ability to look after and prioritise (or lack of) my own vitality; and - the thoughts that would pop up when I looked at all the other women in business who seemed to be able to do it all effortlessly. 

What I realised is that not all women in business are comfortable talking about their behind the scenes; because of the professional image we often uphold, yet majority experience similar struggles around their wellbeing and juggling of life. 

I began to feel hungry for the real conversations (fck the surface perfect) and I wanted to grow and learn and connect with other women so we can honour who we actually are and encourage each other to look after our vitality alongside our families, growth and professions. 


I love to surround myself with other go getting incredible, ambitious women; but what I value the most is for those women to ALSO be 100% truthful in the real behind the scenes.

I've spoken with a LOT of women in my time and am yet to meet one who is perfect in every way, yet so many of us aspire to that benchmark, and strive to achieve that level of perfection across all the areas of life, yet are too afraid to speak about the messy middle and the reality that is involved in juggling all the balls as we navigate our one amazing life.

The truth is - we ALL have a messy middle.

Imagine a place where we encourage each other to talk about that STUFF just as openly as we talk about the good. 

Imagine a place where we all support each other, share what worked and unpack what didn't, be open in our stories, our challenges AND our achievements.

A place where we can celebrate our wins, gain clarity around our next step, learn from each other, feel that genuine inspiration and form soul level connections.

I am a Mum, a small business owner and a woman who cares deeply about living an ambitious life, honouring my vitality, enjoying my family, growth and connection - and the RAH Woman community is about encompassing all of that! 


If YOU want IN then join and introduce yourself today; I can't wait to meet you.

I want in!


It's not the critic who counts... The credit belongs to the woman who is actually in the arena.


 Carla is inspirational, a wealth of knowledge and incredibly passionate.

I loved Carla’s realness, her truth and her outward positive energy!"

Imelda Holloway

As rushing modern women 

One of the things I find thats missing as we play this game of life is

WHO WE ARE beyond what we do..

The RAH Women Community is a membership that I am SO INCREDIBLY PASSIONATE about; It is a place for Women to be completely raw as we navigate our ambitious lives, have a strong focus on our vitality and remain grounded in our inner happiness. 

What are you waiting for?

Want to listen to a session with
Carla before you commit?

Take a look at her body confidence masterclass today!