How you think and feel about yourself impacts everything!

confidence self perception self-worth Jul 18, 2023

How you think and feel about yourself impacts everything…

In the big picture of life, our thoughts, and feelings about ourselves weave intricate patterns that impact everything we experience, and I have always found it so fascinating to look at the power our self-perception holds and the profound flow on effect it has throughout our life.

Consider this: Every morning we wake up, we head to the bathroom and begin to get ready for our day, and as you stare into the mirror, your reflection gazes back at you.

How you think and feel about yourself in that very moment sets the tone for the day ahead. If you greet yourself with a kindness and an inner voice that’s filled with encouragement, the world around you seems to respond in a similar fashion. The people you encounter may be more inclined to reciprocate your warmth and kindness, creating a positive ripple effect.

Conversely, if you start the day with self-doubt and a negative mindset, it's as if a cloud settles above you, casting shadows on the way you see yourself, and the interactions and experiences you have all day. It becomes more challenging to see the good, to appreciate the beauty in the world and to connect with others authentically.

Your perception of yourself shapes the lens through which you view the world, impacting every encounter and every decision you make.

How we think and feel about ourselves can influence our personal relationships, career choices, and even our health. If we have a healthy self-esteem and believe in our abilities, we are more likely to pursue opportunities, take on challenges, and push beyond our comfort zones. The belief in our own worthiness can propel us forward, opening doors to new experiences and possibilities.

On the flip side, if our innate response is naturally negative thoughts and we have low self-esteem, we may unintentionally limit ourselves. We may shy away from opportunities, doubt our capabilities, and sabotage our own potential. We keep ourselves playing small and feed our not-enough-ness.

Our perception of ourselves can become a self-fulfilling prophecy, shaping our outcomes based on the limitations we impose upon ourselves.

But it's not just about personal interactions and achievements; our self-perception even influences the way we navigate the ups and downs of life. When faced with adversity, those who possess a positive self-image are more likely to exhibit resilience and find the strength to overcome challenges. They see setbacks as opportunities for growth and maintain a sense of hope and optimism.

Meanwhile, individuals who struggle with their self-worth may find it harder to bounce back from setbacks. They may dwell on failures and setbacks, leading to a spiral of negative emotions that can hinder progress. It's like wearing a pair of glasses that distorts reality, making it difficult to see the silver linings amidst the storm clouds.


And this is why I honestly believe, that how we think and feel about ourselves impacts everything!

Now, I suck at actual gardening, BUT I am going to use it as an analogy, because this is very much like it in the sense that our thoughts and feelings about ourselves are like seeds we sow in the garden of life. They shape our perceptions, interactions, and experiences, ultimately influencing the outcomes we encounter and the life we get to live. Cultivating a positive self-perception, one rooted in self-compassion, authenticity, and a belief in our inner self- worth, can lead to a richer, more fulfilling existence. Tell me that’s not valuable.


If I can leave you with one takeaway from this blog, it would be to remind you that you hold incredible power within you, and that every day when you wake up you have the power to choose.

The way you think and feel about yourself is the wave maker for the life you lead.


Embrace who you are, celebrate your YOUness, and be gentle with yourself in times of struggle (struggle is inevitable and often essential for our growth).

As you nurture a positive self-perception, you'll witness the transformative impact it has on every aspect of your life, creating a magnetic force of growth, connection, and joy.


Big love and CIAO for now



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