Hi there!

I'm Carla Bond 

I help Women feel happy, limitless and confident – in life and in their body.

Women are givers, we love to make others feel good, and give the world the best of us.

Ironically, even with the best intentions, we can end up doing the complete opposite.

I find for a lot of women we spend so many years being, and doing for everyone else, that we can end up feeling exhausted, burnt out and even start resenting the ones we love the most when we find we have nothing left in our tank for anyone.

This was my story too, only once I woke up to the fact that I was on the very bottom of my priority list, I also felt completely lost, hated my reflection in the mirror, and had absolutely no idea where to start to turn it around.

It blew my mind how many conversations I had with other women who felt the same way; and after doing the work on myself… I felt incredible, and was fully living as the best version of me – which in turn had such a positive flow on effect throughout so many areas of my life. 

I honestly had no idea it was possible to ‘feel’ that good, and once I did – this vision got planted on my heart, to help as many women as I could live the same bliss.

So if you are ready to become a priority in your life, to experience the freedom of Body Confidence and to feel completely alive, then Welcome! You are in the right spot.

Meet the person behind the brand - CARLA!

Carla went from being a burnt-out people pleaser who hated the way she looked and felt; to feeling completely alive, aligned and body confidant.

This transformation ignited a passion in her to want to inspire and empower other women to feel happy, limitless and confident in their life, and in their body.

Carla credits her real and raw approach to coaching as a combination of her skill sets collected through 20+ years of conversations and experience within the hairdressing industry, her masters in life coaching, and her NLP practitioner training. 

Living in beautiful sunny QLD with her husband and three children expanded Carla’s love for life, she is a social butterfly who lives fully, yet has learnt to balance that with a healthy respect for her body.  

It has become Carla’s greatest mission to help Women become a priority in their life, to eradicate self-doubt and educate women on how to fuel their mind, body and soul; so they can FEEL incredible and truly live their best life NOW, and in doing so, create a positive impact for the generations to come.

Think. Feel. YOU.

Have you heard about Think. Feel. YOU?

It's Carla's signature online program helping women feel amazing, limitless and confident in life and in their body!

Think. Feel. YOU has been specifically designed for women who, to the outside world are incredible, busy, happy & independent, but on the inside are struggling with self-worth, feel like they aren’t good enough, are uncomfortable in their body and have no time or energy to put into themselves.


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