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Hi there! Firstly I would love you to know that I am not a guru, I am simply a down to earth wife, mum of three and hairdresser who one day decided to push beyond the surface perfect, get real with myself and share the truth of how I was 'actually' feeling.

After years of putting everyone and everything before myself I went rogue and made mySELF a priority, what happened from there is that I discovered the relationship we have with ourselves impacts and influences many areas of our life, which in turn influences and impacts the way in which we show up and interact with the world.  


My Journey: 

My path to becoming 'The SELF Mentor' was borne out of my personal transformation.

I've walked the road from being a burnt-out people pleaser, who hated the way I looked and felt. I battled with the constant negative thoughts of not-enough-ness, I hid my inner struggles of low self-worth and pretended for years to be a whole lot happier and more confident than I ever truly was; in fact there was a time I wasn't sure who the fck I even was. 

This eventually became so uncomfortable for me, as I just knew I wasn't living life the way I had envisioned - I knew there was more for me and although I had no idea where to even start at the time...  I did. 

I invested in a personal coaching program (which at the time was HUGE for me) and I secretly began to work on mySELF. 

As I said, the relationship we have with our SELF influences and impacts many aspects of our life; so it really wasn't long before there was some positive flow on effects happening throughout my life. 

I began to see and feel changes that were so great it often made me quiet emotional.

People began asking what I was doing; and I very quickly realised I was not alone in my initial struggles; many people could relate to the hot mess behind the scenes that was my life. 

And as someone who cares deeply about other people I felt a huge fire in my belly to do something about it. 


My Vision: 

I envision a world where empowered humans, grounded in their authenticity and self-worth, ignite a transformative influence that resonates across relationships, environments, and opportunities in every dimension of life. 


My Mission: 

It's my mission to empower others to boldly and completely show up in life with confidence.

Through my coaching and mentoring, I aim to provide my clients with the space to discover and break through the stuff that is actually holding them back, and get them living in alignment with what they desire.


My Approach: 

With a background spanning two decades in the hairdressing industry, complemented by a master's in life coaching and certification as an NLP practitioner, I bring a unique blend of experiences and expertise to my coaching practice.

My mentoring approach hinges on real, raw conversations that inspire others to reclaim their self-worth and step into a life aligned with their true selves. 

I offer 1:1 mentorship sessions and programs. I also have a continually expanding library of ready to access resources that address specific topics related to helping people navigate their self mentoring journey.


Work with Me: 

If you would love to become a priority in your life, embrace your authenticity, and navigate life with a profound sense of confidence, welcome aboard!

Together, let's chat about how we can get the ball rolling for YOUR transformative journey toward embodying what a bold, aligned, and confident life looks like for you.  

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Meet the person behind the brand - CARLA!

Hey there, I‚Äôm Carla ‚Äď a lively Mum of three, a devoted wife, and The self mentor.

Originally a country NSW girl, who now calls Sunny QLD home; the ocean does something to my soul and we managed to find our little piece of paradise in CQ that absolutely fills me up and compliments my zest for life, family and connection.

Before diving into coaching, I spent over two decades in the hairdressing world, shaping more than just hairstyles; it was a space where I had the privilege of engaging in heartfelt conversations, understanding the depth beyond our surface perfect facades. That journey, combined with life's experiences, brought me to a place where I discovered my passion for others toward embracing their authenticity and self-worth.

In my downtime, I am either being a social butterfly who loves being anywhere near good friends, food and cocktails enjoying all the happy vibes!

Or by myself wandering the beach, dreaming big, and doing whatever feels good for my soul.   

Being a mum, a wife, and a passionate professional, I've experienced firsthand the transformative power of prioritizing self-worth, authenticity, and confidence. It's not just about personal growth, in fact it’s a journey that doesn’t just impact us personally; it creates a ripple effect of positivity that touches every aspect of our lives.

Discovering this was like gold to me, because as women we often put ourselves last in an effort to be everything to everyone around us; yet the opposite is true.

My mission is simple ‚Äď to empower¬†others¬†to confidently embrace their true selves and step into a life they adore.

Is it time you owned the relationship you have with yourSELF so that you can thrive in your life? 

If so book a complimentary call with me right now! 

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I definitely think the most profound part for me was facing that fear of change, identifying that and working through it - realising what was holding me back, getting real with myself and letting it go was huge.


Wow, working with you has been very enlightening.
I can not thank you enough for what you have given me.
I highly recommend this to anyone who is feeling burnt out or has lost themselves.
Informative, interesting and full of aha moments!


One of the many things I learnt was that it is ok as a Mum, a wife, and a business owner to slow down, take time for myself and NOT feel guilty.

Thank you Carla, you really are one in a million.

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