Hi Gorgeous!


I'm Carla

I am a Self-worth, Vitality + Confidence Coach for Women

Specialising in:

- Well-being & vitality

- Mindset

- Identity

- Self Worth

- Body Image

- People pleasing

- Values & Alignment

- Work life blend

Essentially I encourage Women to BE all of who they are and live a life that FEELS great on the inside - not one that just looks good from the outside.

I help Women nurture self acceptance, incorporate self care, increase their self worth and embrace an attitude of body confidence.

And. I support busy ambitious Women to drop the surface perfect, release people pleasing and navigate burnout; so they can live a happy, aligned and authentic life. 

How are you?

It’s an every day question that majority of us answer with ‘good thank you’.

It’s an easy and safe response; but I think there are a lot of us women who might be scared of what could come out if we answer the question with absolute honesty.

We are scared of what it might sound like to others, worried about what they’d think, and at times it can even be confronting to face our own truth. 

Interestingly enough though, I’ve always had this ability to be able to hear more than the words you actually speak, and if I be honest even though I can absolutely do small talk; it’s the REAL conversations, the deeper truths, and all the ‘stuff’ that lies under our surface perfect, that I’d rather talk to you about!

So Ladies, what’s happening behind our smiles, our busyness, our people pleasing, and our to-do-lists? 

Let’s connect and chat about how you are REALLY; the YOU beyond what you do, and embrace a life that feels phenomenal.

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Think. Feel. YOU


Carla's ORIGINAL online program taking women 
 FROM feeling completely burnt-out, lost in a true sense of who they are, and hating the way they look and feel.... 
TO helping Women feel happy, limitless and confident; in life and in their body.
Think. Feel. YOU is an easy to follow, pre-recorded step by step program- ready to listen at your convenience,  backed with lifetime access.
Are you ready to Think, Feel and Be the best YOU?
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The RAH Women Community

RAH Women is a wellbeing membership for Women in business or leadership roles.

A tribe for ambitious Women who want alignment and vulnerability over hustle culture and perfectionism. 

We talk about the raw truths so you can honour your vitality while building the life of your dreams. 


We empower each other through a balance of stories, guidance and grounding to keep it real, and prioritise our wellbeing alongside our growth, families and professions.


THIS is a fabulous membership to be a part of! 

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Private Coaching


I understand that everyone is different and that is why I offer this personalised service.

If you resonate with what I teach and want 1:1 coaching to personally dive deeper; then I am here for it.

I'm the one in your corner cheering you on, I can help you gain clarity about YOUR personal life and circumstances.

I will help you see where you are at right now, gain absolute clarity around what you truly want, and guide you to define the strategy to get there.

I will support you with the motivation, accountability, undivided attention, customised coaching, & the deeper conversations that will help you be, do and have what it is you want. 

Give yourself permission to go after what you truly want!


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About Carla..

I am a wife, Mum of three, beach lover, chiropractic assistant, & hairdresser turned life coach.

As you probably know we share a fair bit with our hairdresser.. and in the end I realised what I loved the most about hairdressing was the interaction with the clients in my chair - My passion lied in the real and raw conversations I was able to have with the many incredible Women I had the pleasure of making feel amazing over the past 25years. 

Connection and growth are two of my big loves, and so when I found myself, as a huge people pleaser & business owner; completely lost, burnt out and hating the way I looked and felt - I not only did something about it; but I began to speak my truth about my story.

Once I began to be real about how I felt and what I was experiencing, I was blown away at how many other Women could relate but weren't speaking about it due to fear of judgement. 

You could literally see the sigh of relief 'Oh thank god, I'm not the only one'.

This lit a fire in my belly to want to change this story for Women - I discovered there were too many of us living amazing lives but not truly living, too many of us hiding a low level of self worth and body image behind a facade of surface perfect, and too many of us trying to 'be do and have it all' at the detriment of our own self - because of our perception of what society tells us we 'should' be doing. 

So. I went on to study my masters of coaching and developed a program with all the lessons and learnings that helped me so greatly as I navigated that journey to becoming a priority in my life again.

This is where 'Think. Feel. YOU' was born - It is my original and signature online program helping women go from feeling burnt out and hating the way they look and feel to feeling alive aligned and body confident.

As I grew in my own journey as a Woman, a Mum, a business owner I recognised two things - my constant battle with looking after and prioritising (or lack of) my own vitality; and - feeling less than when I looked at all the other women in business who seemed to be able to do it all effortlessly.

What I realised is that not all women in business are comfortable talking about their behind the scenes; because of the professional image we often uphold, but majority experience similar struggles around their wellbeing and juggling of life.

I began to feel hungry for the real conversations (fck the surface perfect) I wanted to grow and learn and connect with other women so we can honour who we actually are and encourage each other to look after our vitality alongside our families, growth and professions.

Which is how 'The RAH Women Community' was born - an online LIVE membership that has me truly - super freakin excited! 

Speaking about the absolute truth though:

The one thing I do want to make clear to to you is that I am not a polished guru; I am a real life working Mum, who is ambitious AF, cares deeply, and who simply feels like I have something to contribute that might relate to or empower other women to embrace and live a full, inspired and aligned life.

YOU are here on this page for a reason. I absolutely believe in the universe delivering what we need when we need it - so Welcome!

If you're ready and what I have sounds like what you want the sign up now via the links above; or reach out and let's have a chat to see if we might be a good fit.


Let's chat!

Client love

I'm loving every minute of this - I log in and start wondering if a topic will be relevant to me then within two minutes I'm ENTHRALLED  - I am getting more out of this than I could have ever imagined. ThankYOU!!

x B.N

Client love

Where I thought I was already making profound progress, you gave it even more depth - I realise now I was just scratching the surface before. Working with you has been amazing.

x D.O

Client love

One of the many things I learnt was that it's OK as a mum, a wife, & a business owner to slow down, take time for myself and NOT feel guilty! Thank you Carla, you really are one in a million.

x M.H

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